I like breasts

Yesterday, I wrote about pussies – today, I write about breasts.  I like them.  I like them big, I like them small.  Perky, saggy, big aureolae, small ones, inverted nipples, eraser nipples – you name it, I like it.  With one exception:  silicone.  I hate silicone.

Go to any strip club, and you’re sure to see a horde of pneumatic women, breasts that don’t move when the women to whom they’re appended hang upside down on poles, breasts that defy not just gravity but entropy – by not bursting.

Why do women want these breasts?  Why do men want them?

My trainer – a hot, young, thing – had beautiful B-cup breasts.  (The picture below shows what her breasts used to look like.)

Unfortunately, she wanted something a little more… attention-grabbing.  So she saved up and stuffed some 20s in her breasts, after first converting them into silicone.  Now?  She looks (to me) ridiculous.  And she doesn’t look hot any more….

A wise man once said to me that the reason many men prefer large breasts is because it is a sort of insurance policy against the possibility that they might harbor some latent homosexual feelings.  Or maybe it has something to do with our fantasy relationships with our moms.  Who knows?

But it’s not for me.



  1. I have to agree with you… I find those perfect little round breasts such a turn on. The ones in the picture you have posted are stunning and make me ache with the urge to touch and explore them. Mollyxxx

  2. Interesting theories.  As someone who likes breasts a great deal, neither the insurance policy nor the fantasy mom relationship thing ever occurred to me.  I just like breasts, and I see no reason to ask why.  I certainly don't put such thought into why I like, say, pizza.Judging by the picture you posted, your trainer's breasts were, in my opinion, perfect (in my opinion); it's sad that she had to alter what was so obviously just fine to begin with.

  3. Hello N. Likes,I like breasts too!!!  The image of the breasts you posted are great.  No complaints at all. But I would like to say as a woman that decided to have implants that they are about me, not about being attention grabbing, not for me anyways.  I just feel more comfortable in my body this way.  Like that is the way my body should have been made.Does that make any sense at all?

  4. Of course it does, and I wouldn't dream of saying that anyone shouldn't do what feels right for them. I was describing my own reactions and feelings on the subject. You should, of course, do whatever feels right for you. As for grabbing attention and feeling right for me, alas, grabbing breasts with implants? It just doesn't feel right. 🙁

  5. We're different, you and I. Whenever I like something a LOT, I like to understand, to explore, how, why. Saying I "just like" something doesn't really fly for me, particularly not for something as complicated as breasts. Or even pizza. AND, I find I really enjoy pizza better when I explore the aspects I most enjoy (the difference in temperature between the tomato sauce and the crust, the contrast in texture, the taste of tomato, cut by melted cheese, the crunch added oregano, the bite of the garlic). Saying I *just* like pizza ends up selling pizza (which I was eating an hour before you sent this) really short.Never mind breasts….Thanks for the comment!

  6. I love your view on natural breasts. Many, many years ago I got breast implants because I felt very awkward. All ass, no breasts. They were fabulous though and very natural. My surgeon was an artist. One would have never suspected they were fake. I'm now faced with the need to replace them and I'm terrified that I will look like I have breast implants. It's one of my biggest regrets in life. 

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