Sep 072014

You knew I was a geek, right?

Well, the last couple of weeks, lots has been going on in my life. Little in “N” land, but lots in the life of that other guy, the guy for whom N is an alter ego. Nothing bad, all good.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been a bit… quiescent… as N. I haven’t been on any dates in a bit. I do have a backlog of tales to tell you, including one of a night with Rose on which I restrained her wrists and ankles and made her say her safe word over and over and over and came in her mouth and in her cunt, and one of a night with the Rockette – the first in quite a while – on which I introduced her to the pleasures of Le Trapeze – pleasures by which she was at least slightly underwhelmed (she had, I think, highly specific expectations/hopes which weren’t met).

But backlog notwithstanding, I’ve been, as I said, quiescent. I’ve been neglecting Sofia. I’ve been neglecting my readers here. I’ve just been doing, well, other stuff. Stuff that’s not so dissolute.

And it got me to thinking: I started this blog nearly three years ago, in a frenzy of writing. I wondered, “What has my volume of writing looked like since I started this blog?” And, well, me being me, I thought I’d make a chart.

I have presented the answer to that question – not in words, but in posts per month – below, graphically, without further comment (of mine).

  4 Responses to “Ebbs and flows”

  1. Ha! I want to do this now!! I’m pretty sure mine is a downhill slide…


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  3. You’re not a Geek, you’re quite a nice guy of course a normal guy who is interested in sex!

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