Sep 122012

I’ve been thinking about the phenomenon of relapses, of slips, among addicts. It’s a very rare addict who doesn’t have a slip (or seven) on the road to recovery. I was lucky enough that my “addiction” was to a behavior, and with an “M.O.,” that didn’t lend itself to catastrophic consequences if I slipped.

If/when I slipped, I was out a few bucks, an hour or two, and had a difficult conversation to have with my wife.

But others – those “addicted,” say, to people, or to drugs on which one can overdose, or which lead to impairment of judgment in a radical, life-threatening way – others don’t have the luxury of “slips.” A slip, if you’re a heroin addict, or an alcoholic, or if your “addiction” is to an abusive or violent person, can mean death.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and just notching yet another way in which I’m lucky in my belt.

  3 Responses to “Relative relapses”

  1. What a great take on it. How lucky you are.

  2. I definitely feel where you’re coming from. I agree….I’m a former speed freak and Master is a “sex addict’ like yourself. My slip ups cost me individually, us as a couple and our family as a whole more than his…way more since I now have a heart condition as a result of my addiction that I will always have to be mindful of. You are lucky…and, for what it’s worth…I hope your friend’s OK too.

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