Aug 312015

“Excuse me. Sir? Sir?!”


She’s attractive, African-American, in her late twenties or early thirties. She wears a very short white minidress, her large breasts straining at the fabric. Her skin is dark, glistening, and her hair is short, straightened, greased back against her head. She wears dark purple lipstick, very precisely applied.

“You like white people porn or black people porn?”

“Excuse me?”

“You like white people porn or black people porn?”

“Um, I like both.”

“But which do you like more?”

“Why do I have to choose? I like porn.”

“This is important. The people in black people porn are ugly. I’ve watched. I’ve seen.”

I’m thinking about what she’s saying. Is she right?

“It’s much more interesting to watch white people porn, or to watch interracial – a white guy doing a black girl, don’t you think?”

“I like watching porn,” I said.

There were a LOT of people around. Was she propositioning me? Or was she just off? I suppose I’ll never know.

  3 Responses to “White or black?”

  1. her asking you that in public aside, I tend to agree. I even find some interracial porn (black female/white male) not as easy to get in to. That type is never tastefully done. Considering I date white guys, it sucks I not finding porn that matches my preferences. The girls never look like me, more the stereotype of a black woman. Weave, ghetto, etc. Obviously this is something I’ve thought about. It’s not a matter of liking one better, but of one being done better and seeming more appealing. To me at least.

    But her asking you that in public is odd. Not something I’d be brave enough to bring up like that.

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