May 072012

I have written before about my trouble with words like “lover” and “play.”  I was listening to myself think on the subject just now (in flagrante delicto) and I realized that I really like the adolescent construction:  “fooling around.”  It’s what I’m doing when I have sex.  It’s the right set of words.  It has the right mix of frivolity and transgression.  When someone says “make love,” or “lover,” or even “play,” most of the time, I have an image of some sort of un-smiling, earnest activity.  I’d much rather fool around.  Wanna?

  3 Responses to “Ru(m)ination”

  1. That first photo reminds me of the stock photo trend of overly happy women being overly happy about eating salad.  

    Yeah, no. I really had nothing relevant to contribute. Just women and salads.

    (Don’t do it… the joke is WAY to easy to make)

  2. I cast my vote for fool around. Good one.

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