Apr 282015
As always, voice matters

I’ve written it before. I’ll write it again. There is nothing more determinative of my attraction to you than your voice. It has something to do with tone, with timbre. Confidence, openness, prosody. It all matters. I’ve tried, repeatedly, to describe just what it is about a voice I find sexy, what it is about […]

May 122014

I have, on occasion, alluded to a policy of mine relating to blowjobs: in general, the policy, goes, if a woman offers to suck my cock, I will accept that offer. In recent days, though, it’s occurred to me that it might be useful for me to elaborate the policy a bit, to clarify the […]

Mar 302014

She asked me this after I told her I needed to see her ass. And at that moment, I most assuredly was an ass man. There are some aspects of my erotic imagination that are, if not fixed, at least relatively consistent: I like clothing in general, and certain types in particular. I enjoy exercising […]

Aug 112013

I’m visual. I want to know what you look like. I care what you look like. If I don’t know what you look like, if I don’t like what you look like, I can’t very well get off to you, with you. And I’m picky. Occasionally, though, I would notice that this wasn’t right, that […]

Apr 152013

I enviously have been, um, appreciating the photos of breasts my fellow dissolute, Hyacinth’s readers have been sending her. And I confess, my first reaction was one of envy: I want all those women to send me their breasts. But then I realized, slut though I may be, I don’t really crave disembodied body parts […]