Dec 092017
Dear V

Recently, I found myself imagining, for the better part of two hours, your mouth on my cock. The perfect way your head responds to my guidance – whether gentle or firm. The way your tongue swirls and presses on all the most sensitive bits. The way your lips fit – preternaturally perfectly – on my […]

Aug 312015

I want so much from you. More than anything, I want to possess you. To own you. To own not just your parts, but your pleasure. I want it all for me. I’m jealous that way. (Don’t mistake my profligacy for indifference: that’s not how it works for me. I want it all from you, […]

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Aug 162015

There are a number of women with whom I’ve interacted who give me the ambivalence I seem to crave. This is an (alphabetical) chronicle of ambivalence. It’s not complete, but it’s indicative both of how I seem to inspire ambivalence, and to court it. The Amazon: You may recall how much I enjoyed her mouth. […]

Aug 132015

I do stalk her. In a low-key, unobtrusive, unintrusive way. There are a variety of ways in which I do this, following her on social media, where her presence is, at best, sporadic. I imagine (believe) that she knows I do this, that when she surfaces, she’s sending me a little message, even if it’s […]

Feb 112015
Fantasies about my fantasy

I’m imagining my core fantasy. First, what will you all wear? A sea of women…. Allie? Eva? The Historian? Isabel? L? Luna? Maxie? P? Penelope? The Rockette? Rose? Sadie? Sofia?!? Tamora? Veronique? You? (Those names – including yours – are in alphabetical order, lest you imagine you discern some other rationale….) In my fantasy, it’s […]