Jun 142013
In my gym

There’s a trainer. He’s tall, maybe 42, black. Good looking, stern, severe. He has the bearing of a Marine drill sergeant. He has a thriving business – a constant flow of 20-something, lithe, bordering-on-anorexic models. Each looks like she just may break if he works her too hard, stretches her too far. And he does […]

Jun 192012

This is the ad I placed that resulted in my hiring my two trainers (and having a terrific time interviewing a bunch of others): I’m an attractive, driven, professional, successful man. There’s a gaping hole in my life: I can’t muster the enthusiasm or motivation to establish a regular work-out routine. I belong to a […]

Jun 132012

She greeted me in a spangly white tank-top, with shimmering silver panels, her copious cleavage barely contained by the cotton of the shirt. She wore a tight black miniskirt, her round, meaty ass almost visible at its bottom, her chunky, muscular thighs inescapable from view. And brown leather boots stretched up her calves, almost to […]

Mar 052012
How I lost 40 pounds (hint: hot trainers)

I used to be fat, but then I stumbled on, with the help of my wife, just a little extra motivation:  “Why don’t you hire a hot trainer?” she said. Never one to do things half-assed, or to look a gift horse in the mouth (not to call you a horse, babe), I hired not […]

Mar 032012
Working out (#2)

We were discussing my recent post on working out, and she had some ideas.  “Why don’t we,” she said, her eyes twinkling, “make better use of the equipment here?” She led me to a bench, and loaded the bar with weights.  I’m a wuss (but I won’t tell you how much of a wuss – […]

Jan 312012
The gym

She’s not what you think of when you think of a professional weight lifter.  She’s maybe 5’4″ tall, blonde, petite.  Well, not perfectly petite:  her hips are a bit wide, her thighs muscular, her ass meaty.  Her breasts were delicious A-cups, tiny, pert, but she decided that for her career, they needed to be D-cups, […]