Dec 292014

This blog is three years old this month. Yesterday, I posted the top ten posts of the year. Herewith, the top ten blog posts of all time. The list changes, and what joins and leaves the list is always interesting to me. Here’s where things stand, today: My orgasm – In which I describe the […]

Dec 282014

For your reading pleasure – if you’ve missed any of these posts, for God’s sake, catch up! These are the top ten posts of the year – posts published in 2014: 10. Dear Belle Knox – I really like Belle Knox. Long may she reign.9. Dominance, submission, feminism and OKC – there are chowderheads everywhere.8. […]

May 162013

10) We have secrets we need to expose to sunlight while preserving some anonymity. 9) We’re exhibitionists who get off on revealing in public what usually is private.* 8) We’re attention whores.* 7) Writing about (our) sex gets us hard, wet, off. 6) It lets us participate in a broader community centered on joyful, open […]