May 252016

She’s cute. In her early twenties. Plump, sexy, energetic, vivacious. She is a fuckload of fun in bed. No doubt. As I paid for my bagel, she – on break – was chit-chatting, loudly, with the woman behind the register. “My roommate keeps using my shampoo, so today, I used hers, and I love it! […]

Sep 172015

I’m walking down the street, and I do a double-take at a woman. Who is she? Do I know her? She’s not striking, not gorgeous. She’s attractive, though. I scratch my head. She doesn’t seem to know me. In fact, she doesn’t seem to notice that I exist. I take a few more steps, and […]

Aug 212015

We’ve been interacting on Tinder for about a week. Her profile has three photos. They’re all of her in the same yummy, slinky dress. Her hair is jet black. Her eyes, almond-shaped, are, I think, brown. (It’s hard to tell in the single close-up.) Her lips are gorgeous, rounded, full. Her smile is sly, a […]