May 252016

She’s cute. In her early twenties. Plump, sexy, energetic, vivacious. She is a fuckload of fun in bed. No doubt. As I paid for my bagel, she – on break – was chit-chatting, loudly, with the woman behind the register. “My roommate keeps using my shampoo, so today, I used hers, and I love it! […]

Sep 172015

I’m walking down the street, and I do a double-take at a woman. Who is she? Do I know her? She’s not striking, not gorgeous. She’s attractive, though. I scratch my head. She doesn’t seem to know me. In fact, she doesn’t seem to notice that I exist. I take a few more steps, and […]

Aug 212015

We’ve been interacting on Tinder for about a week. Her profile has three photos. They’re all of her in the same yummy, slinky dress. Her hair is jet black. Her eyes, almond-shaped, are, I think, brown. (It’s hard to tell in the single close-up.) Her lips are gorgeous, rounded, full. Her smile is sly, a […]

Apr 142015

Recently, a Tinder woman used me as masturbation fodder. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, except that she disappeared shortly after she came, she lied about her intentions, and was gone without saying bye. When she left, we had notional plans to meet, and she had promised me very much. I should say, I […]

Mar 192015

She’s very, very sexy. Long, flowing, curly, thick, lustrous black hair. Early on, she told me she was proud of her hair and she has every right to be. It’s very sexy. She can count the number of partners she’s had on one hand. She was married for a  long time. She’s just now waking […]

Mar 062015

She’s young. Younger than I usually am drawn to. We met on Tinder, and she promised me much. She delivered a tantalizing tease, and then vanished. She resurfaced, days later, in a hospital bed. She’d fallen, hard. Broken bones. Laid up. We exchanged words, but not so many pictures, for a bit. And then, she […]