Jun 262015

“Had I not met you I never would have had the chance to explore parts of myself that I never knew existed. It’s been a win win.  Or perhaps I knew somehow that they existed but never thought I could set them free.” Thank you, Isabel.

Mar 012015

(Well, sort of….) “I almost never want you inside me because I love the anticipation, wondering, yet I crave it because I know you are me, everything I crave, yet do not have the courage to be.”

Feb 282015

“… It was probably the best oral I have ever received. Your tongue was incredible and I almost squirted for you.” – Blondie (You haven’t read about her. But you will.)

Feb 272015

In another corner of my life, I’ve been reminded, recently, how gratifying it is for me when others approve of me, or, better yet, think highly of me. This is especially true of people I find attractive, whether intellectually, professionally, conversationally, romantically, or sexually. But honestly, anyone’s approval will do. When I receive approval, or […]