Feb 112015
Fantasies about my fantasy

I’m imagining my core fantasy. First, what will you all wear? A sea of women…. Allie? Eva? The Historian? Isabel? L? Luna? Maxie? P? Penelope? The Rockette? Rose? Sadie? Sofia?!? Tamora? Veronique? You? (Those names – including yours – are in alphabetical order, lest you imagine you discern some other rationale….) In my fantasy, it’s […]

Feb 072015
Adnan gets an appeal!

You heard it here first (or second, or whatever.) Here’s the story. I think it’s a little sad the extent to which “Serial” was a story about Adnan Syed, and not Hae Min Lee, and funny spoofs like this one catch in my throat a little, because, after all, “Serial” was, at best, the story […]