Jul 012013
T, in pictures

I don’t often write here about my wife. I have, in the past, written just a tiny bit about her. This is, mostly, in keeping with her preferences. She’s private. She didn’t decide to write a blog – I did. I wrote three extensive posts about her, almost a year ago, and maybe I’ll take […]

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Apr 052013

My wife recently forwarded me this article, by Rebecca Solnit, about violence against women. “I think,” she wrote, “it would be an interesting thing to repost on your blog.” She was right. What should we do about rape, about male sexual violence against women, about male violence? They’re epidemic, and we all lament them, but […]

Mar 192013

I love how they show off your body. How they cling to your calves, your knees, your thighs. I love how, when you wear them, I see – I can’t not see – the curve of your ass, your hips, your thighs. Under a skirt? Under a dress? Without either? Damn. More, please. More.

Dec 182012

There’s a little “open relationship mini-quiz” that’s been making the internet rounds lately. It showed up here, and here. I thought I’d tackle it as well for your reading pleasure. 1. What insight about open relationships do you wish you had when you started? 2. What has been the hardest thing about opening your relationship, […]

Jul 062012
On T (Part 3)

Just for fun, here are some adjectives to describe T: Brilliant Quiet Fragile Resilient Unfailingly generous Harried Luddite Idealistic Furrowed Volatile Leggy Demure Hot Opinionated Slender Fit Right Left Tired Gentle Gentile Swimming Quick Clever Funny Courageous Independent Worried Concerned Selfless You can never know T. Even among those who meet her, she is somewhat […]

Jul 052012

But enough about me, back to T – T, who didn’t ask for me to keep a blog, and doesn’t derive the same benefit I do from my story, our story, being “out there.” I’ll tell you a bit about T, but I’ll do it in a way that necessarily will be somewhat gestural, directional, […]

Jul 042012
On T (Part 1)

I have competing urges when it comes to writing about T, about our relationship, about our sex. I’m proud of us, and like a little boy with his penis, I want to show off the things of which I’m proud. We’ve been through the wars – only some of which you’ve read about, even if […]