Mar 262015
Fifty Shades of Grey – the movie

I told L at lunch that T and I were seeing the movie. “Why?!?” she asked. I had read The Hunger Games. I loved the book, and I hated it. I loved the story, but the writing was painful. I saw the movie, and loved it. They took a great story and made it better […]

Jan 312015

She is. I’m married to her. Have been for quite some time now. We’ve been through the wars. Hell, I put us through the wars. (Though sometimes I wonder if this is the right construction, if it’s ever right in the context of a marriage to blame one person for anything – I have a […]

Feb 022014

Two years ago, I bought her a gorgeous pair of brown leather ankle boots. They’re insanely sexy, and the heels are a full inch higher than those of any other of her shoes. The gift was one of those that was better in concept than in reality. In concept, the shoes look super hot on […]

Oct 072013

T: (moans) I wish the wand didn’t sound so much like a lawnmower. (moans) N: Um, which have you heard more of, since we got the wand? T: Good point. (moans) Put a finger in me? N: Ok. T: (comes)