Apr 072014

I’ve been to well over a dozen Ddevious Delights parties over the years, but it seems they are no more. Saul and Cat, the couple who run DD, have refocused their efforts on a Monday and Friday night club – Club Oasis, and “midweek midday playgroups.” Club Oasis describes itself as “New York City’s newest […]

Jan 232014

1. Shit. I forgot my wallet. No credit cards. No ID. No cash. V has to pay for everything. Not very dom-ly. 2. Her text was right. This bar sucks. Her thigh-highs are way too sexy for this place. I should really pinch a nipple of hers. There. That’s better. 3. That’s funny: when I […]

May 292013
On the swingset

The scene: a weekend away with friends, and friends of friends. Three couples, five kids. Bikes, mopeds, puzzles, games. Grilling chicken, eating shellfish. Drinking too much, staying up too late. General relaxed, fun, never serious conversation. Apropos of nothing, Sarah, a sexy, petite, exotic mom brings up to all the assembled adults (two-year-old on her […]