Jul 032014

Compliance is such a turn-on for me. Imperfect compliance is such a turn-off. Some doms get off on, really enjoy, training their subs. I don’t. I have nothing against – enjoy, even, working with a woman who’s learning about (her) submission. But training implies a certain level of… resistance… on the part of the submissive. […]

Jun 182014
Dom-ly-ness (or, meet the Rockette)

Version 1 I didn’t give the Rockette what I’d led her to expect. We’d never met, or spoken. She was dressed as I’d asked, and prepared to do precisely as I asked. She expected I would use her. Wordlessly. At great length. I had encouraged her to expect this, had told her it was coming. […]

Sep 092013
Bend to my will?

There are doms who derive pleasure from bending subs to their will. (And there are submissives who derive pleasure from being so “bent,” from traveling a distance to their doms’ desires, from being compelled to travel that distance by their doms, whether by brute force, or by contract, or by desire alone.) This seems an […]

Aug 272013

I was talking the other day with a good friend. She’s not submissive. She likes to be bossed around, told what to do. But she likes to say “no” as much as she likes to say “yes,” and she doesn’t get any particular pleasure out of the act of submission. I think, on the other […]

May 172013

I offer a realm in which you may do nothing but what I ask, and in which you know you will be safe. In which you exist for my pleasure. And you’re mine. In which your senses are heightened. And they’re mine. In which your arousal is guaranteed. And it’s mine. In which your orgasms […]

Feb 272013
A subway sub

This was provided by my friend, V: All of the little movements & gesticulations I’ve noticed that express some of my sexual inclinations during my commute… 1.  When she first walks on, she makes a deliberate movement to spread her feet for balance; it’s not done in a couple of steps, but in one. Her […]

Mar 152012

Some weeks ago, I posted a fantasy about me and Jade Morey – a right-wing politico who had her fifteen minutes of fame thanks to the Susan G. Komen controversy.  (If you weren’t paying attention – she tweeted of those complaining about Komen’s brief withdrawal of support for Planned Parenthood that we should “cry [her] […]

Mar 142012

Right around 1:10, it starts to really pick up. She’s a little bit of a bratty sub – picking and choosing the instructions she follows, seeming to thrive on my disapproval, rather than simply honoring my wishes. But… but… but… Her face is beautiful, her eyes, haunting.  I look at a picture of her, and […]