Aug 202015

Here’s a recent exchange I had with someone who prefers to remain nameless: Her: Today I’ve found myself thinking about things that could happen [when we meet]… Me: Good girl. Tell me. Her: Where we’ll meet (hopefully I won’t know anyone). What you’ll ask me to do when we’re out (go to the bathroom and […]

Jan 152015

Even when maintaining eye contact, our eyes move around a fair amount. If I look at someone’s eyes, and she looks at mine, both sets of eyes move about quite a bit, even as we look at one another fixedly. If my green eyes – green, with little flecks of orange in them – lock […]

Dec 022014

I’ve entered into a relationship. It’s great. It hits every level of satisfaction except sexually. I’m frustrated and unsure of where to go from here…. It’s unsatisfying for both of us. To me, it feels forced. He is extremely attractive..a catch, smart, business owner-blah blah blah but down to earth and relatable.  He would get […]

Jul 152014

In the context of erotic writing, compliance means, simply, “Doing as I ask.” But in reality? It’s somewhat more nuanced. Here are some things it’s not: Blind obedience. Abandonment of principles. Never saying “no.” I acknowledge that I may have contradicted some of these principles in previous of my writings. When I have done so, […]