Jun 082012

What is it about burlesque that I don’t like? I know I’m supposed to like it. It’s what we intelligent, feminist, sex-positive people are supposed to want our stripping ladies (and gents) to look like, to do. The gradual, oh-so-artful, reveal, all with a nod to the past, to some vanished/revised quite serious art form. […]

Mar 262012

You may remember L. Although our lives bring us into frequent contact, both with one another and with one another’s spouses, we haven’t fucked since January. This is a problem. It’s a problem for each of us, though each in different ways. For me, it’s sad, disappointing, a loss:  L gives me/gave me a sort […]

Mar 212012

This post continues a series of posts I’ve been writing about my descent into depravity, my loss of control over my sexuality.  It begins with my origin myth, told here and here (and here), and continues with my first lap dances.  In this post, I write about my first “sensual massage.”  I’ve written a bit […]

Feb 292012
I like breasts

Yesterday, I wrote about pussies – today, I write about breasts.  I like them.  I like them big, I like them small.  Perky, saggy, big aureolae, small ones, inverted nipples, eraser nipples – you name it, I like it.  With one exception:  silicone.  I hate silicone. Go to any strip club, and you’re sure to […]

Feb 192012
My origin myth–an alternate, and abbreviated, telling

Although we weren’t young when we married, it was as if we were.  We loved each other truly, madly, deeply, and we satisfied the requisite two of the three possible requirements for a satisfying marriage:  we made each other think and made each other laugh.  Although we made each other cum, we did so infrequently, […]