Jun 102015

There’s lots I love about strip clubs. In the right frame of mind, with the right perspective, they can be a ton of fun. I love the sheer quantity of women in the bigger clubs, the variety, the seeming infinitude of women. Women of every shape, size, hue, style. There’s something glorious to me about […]

Jul 172014
Paean – strip club crush

I was, recently, at a strip club, with a date. I may or may not write about that evening. But let me just tell you about the phenomenally sexy dancer/stripper/woman working there who stole my heart (my cock). There are all sorts of things to say about her: unlike most such people, she was (I […]

Sep 162013
Sex scarcity

I read, recently, a discussion of rape in the comments on a blog post (I can’t track down the blog to send you there, but the truth is, neither the post nor the comments were really compelling). But among the commenters was a man who gave extremely inarticulate voice to a familiar sensation. This commenter […]

Sep 302012

Ten days ago, one of my favorite bloggers – Girl on the Net – wrote about strip clubs. She’s writing from a different perspective (straight female) in a different country (the UK, I believe). She refutes a few myths that seem to be prevalent in the UK, or at least, that are repeated in a […]

Aug 282012
This is what you did for me, #2 (Part 1)

You stood at the appointed spot, dressed as directed. I was consumed with other matters – couldn’t suitably appreciate your full, round breasts, your exquisite compliance with my requests. “I have some shit to resolve on my phone. Sit tight for ten minutes,” I texted. “I’m comfortable standing, if that’s ok,” you replied. “Ok,” I […]

Jul 302012

I’m in a bit of a relationship/sexuality jag, reading-wise, and right now, I’m reading The Erotic Mind, by Jack Morin. It’s a sort of pop-psychology guide to how to think about eroticism, desire, arousal, excitement, purporting to be a somewhat scientific study of people’s responses to a survey instrument. On the one hand, it’s clearly bad […]

Jul 052012

But enough about me, back to T – T, who didn’t ask for me to keep a blog, and doesn’t derive the same benefit I do from my story, our story, being “out there.” I’ll tell you a bit about T, but I’ll do it in a way that necessarily will be somewhat gestural, directional, […]