Jan 242013
Another night with Véronique (part 2) – her version

Her part 1 is here. My version of part 2 is here. This here is her part 2. They’re pretty similar, right? But it’s always fun to see the differences. He opened the passenger door, pushed his mouth against me hard and simultaneously slipped his fingers inside me.  He stepped back, closed the door and […]

Jan 172013
Another night with Véronique (part 2)

As I licked the last bits of her pussy juice off my fingers, I started the car. We drove, in the rain. She touched herself, her fingers in the lacy white panties I had selected, as I drove. “It’s not far,” I said. “Unless I get lost.” I had the opening scene of Rocky Horror […]

Nov 112012

I try to write soul-searching, introspective exploration of my sexuality. I like reading others embarked on the same project. Jillian Keenan has written a terrific, honest exploration of her appetite for spanking in, of all places, The New York Times. I recommend it heartily. She digs pretty deep here – about as deep as a […]

Sep 042012

A friend writes. She’s trying to get her boyfriend to be rougher with her, but “he doesn’t seem to get it.” She wants to be spanked, but “he hasn’t really done so.” He says it’s because of his roommates, because of his concerns about noise. She’s not buying it. And wants to know how she […]

Feb 092012
Bratty subs

“I may have a naturally submissive personality, but I enjoy being forced….” Mariposa “How do you tell the man you love that you want him to own you? That your desires are not of the vanilla kind. That you want him to dominate you in every aspect. That you need and crave consequences for your […]

Feb 072012

Dear L: Your incandescent ass looked funny – I had never seen it not naked – but your strong, silky underwear refused to yield, even when soaking wet, tight over your cunt.  “This is goofy,” you thought. But then, my hand, fierce, landed on your already swollen ass. “Thank you,” you said.  “Thank you.”