Jun 302016

After a conversation with Sofia, I was bitten by a mosquito, and I thought about what the itch felt like. It felt like a useful metaphor.

Oct 112015

My relationship with Sofia is a constant work in progress. In recent weeks, we have been experimenting with a new way of interacting. In the past, I would tell Sofia what I wanted to see of her, what I wanted her to do for me, and she would, unfailingly, deliver. It made her pussy wet […]

Sep 282015

I haven’t written much about Sofia lately. We went through a difficult period. We seem to be emerging from it. And today, I find myself wishing that I could see her – posing for me, touching herself for me – each of these ways: Dressed as a bridesmaid Wearing a suit, for an interview In […]

Aug 182015
Missing Sofia

Relationships – even virtual, long-distance ones – are complicated. Regular readers know how fucking hot Sofia is, how devoted she is to giving me precisely what I want, precisely what I need. But the realities of our relationship – we’ve never met, may well never meet – make it particularly susceptible to miscommunications and frustration […]