Sep 082013

Part 2: Buying a pack Down that vortex, I’ve made whatever compromises with myself I need to cross the threshold, to buy the pack. This part of the process is unpleasant all around. Except for the impending fulfillment. As I approach the vendor, I feel shame and embarrassment. I’m one of those people, those people […]

Aug 302013

Part I: Craving I began this post, “I found myself wanting…” but I realized that “wanting” is an entirely amorphous state, a way of articulating a mental and bodily phenomenon that obscures, rather than reveals, its own essence. The question is, how do I know that I want, what is wanting? There are, for me, […]

Aug 132013

V observed I haven’t written much lately. Partly, that’s circumstantial. The summer (and it’s summer here in the northern hemisphere) presents scheduling challenges that are different than those presented by the rest of the year, and I’m less adept at managing them. Partly, though, it’s temperamental. I’ve been noticing that I’m a bit… down. Well, […]