Oct 172012
Something familiar, part 2

Continuation of this post, featuring Jen and Mara. So back we went – we picked up our clothes and shuffled out of the dark little room in which we’d begun fucking and sucking and licking one another. Mara apologized to me: “I felt sort of bad, fucking him before we’ve even fucked – it’s sort […]

Sep 262012

This post finishes the tale begun, by text, here. And then, with drinks and some play here. And then, the group play began here…. “Let’s go downstairs and see what’s going on there,” I said. Jen looked momentarily puzzled. My cock hadn’t been in her mouth that long, and I seemed to be having fun. […]

Aug 302012

This is part two of the tale I began here (oral at a sex party). She touched herself in the soft glow of the TV in the back of the cab. Could the cabbie see her, her hand sneaking into her panties, her legs spread, the deeply contented look on her face? Probably. Her dress rode […]

Aug 272012

We met in a dark bar. Her dress was short. “I’m glad you had me wear boyshorts,” she said. “Otherwise, I’d be getting some contact with this couch.” We shared a drink. Admired the unimaginably hot, if painfully self-involved, lead singer of the band that was about to play. Listened to her as she regaled […]