Apr 072014

I’ve been to well over a dozen Ddevious Delights parties over the years, but it seems they are no more. Saul and Cat, the couple who run DD, have refocused their efforts on a Monday and Friday night club – Club Oasis, and “midweek midday playgroups.” Club Oasis describes itself as “New York City’s newest […]

Mar 142013
One short of a baker’s dozen, her version (part 2)

I told the tale in one post. V split it into two. The first was here. The second, here: I’m surprised at how visible the club is.  I always assumed these places were hidden behind secret doors in bars, in basements, but here it is right on the street.  I’m holding N.’s hand as he […]

Mar 132013
One short of a baker’s dozen, her version (part 1)

I wrote about V’s first trip to Le Trapeze here. This is her part 1 of the evening, in which she learns where we’re headed…. N. asked me to meet him at a new bar for our date. I arrived wearing the outfit he requested: leggings, tank top, v-neck sweater and leather ankle boots.  I […]