Mar 122015

It’s true. Days go by without my cock stiffening. For some, this would just be a curious deviation from the norm. For me, it’s like death. Honestly. If a day goes by and my cock doesn’t grow hard, I start to wonder if I’m still alive. I start to look for things I can do […]

Feb 032015

This is a fragmentary post. I apologize – I wrote it and didn’t have the patience to edit it, to make it more better. I recently walked past a porn store, one of those stores that sells a mixture of porn DVDs and cheap sex toys, heavily weighted toward those that can be used alone, […]

Nov 192014

In “Shame,” Michael Fassbender powerfully depicts the soulless misery of a driven existence. The other day, I saw a man deep in the throes of this. He stood, leaning against a “down” stairway, his eyes furtively glancing up the stairs to see who would be coming down, what they would be wearing. Women in skirts […]

Oct 202014

I couldn’t sleep. My stomach was upset – acid indigestion. I made the mistake of having two glasses of grapefruit juice right before bed. I should have known better. Anyway, I browsed on Netflix for something, and stumbled on “Thanks for Sharing,” one of the recent spate of movies about “sex addiction.” It’s really not […]

Jun 302014

On three recent occasions, people have described me as “an admitted sex addict,” or some variant of that. Close readers of this blog know that my thinking on sex addiction, and on my relationship to it, is more nuanced (or muddied, or, muddled, or self-deceived) than that. I recently had an exchange with another blogger […]

May 122014

In some sex-focused twelve-step programs, they caution against “lust-based decisions.” At times in my life, I’ve made dozens of these in a day: picking a security line at an airport by choosing the cutest TSA officer, deciding which subway car to board by following an attractive woman, changing my walking pace slightly to prolong my […]