Feb 162012
A bit more on the Secretary

She’s tiny – maybe 5’2”.  She has black hair and pale white skin.  Pulled back tight, as it usually is, her hair is straight, except for the curly bit behind the scrunchie.  Her eyes are shocking:  the whites, milky; the green, almost crystalline; the black, pitch. Her breasts are small, no bigger than A-cups.  Her […]

Jan 162012

Her gig as my “secretary” continued for some time.  I would instruct her intricately in terms of what to wear.  She would follow instructions to the tee.  She would be sweet, charming, and almost affectless.  I tried for a while to maintain the fiction of a vaguely secretarial gig, but it didn’t work.  Her hunger […]

Jan 142012

I hadn’t seen the movie.  I placed a CraigsList ad strikingly similar to the one James Spader might have used to recruit Maggie Gyllenhaal as his new amanuensis.  I placed it in the “Erotic Services” section (RIP).  I got a number of responses, the bulk of which were crude, or simple. One, however, was unusual: […]

Dec 162011

This post was featured in E-Lust #32.  Thanks, E-Lust, and welcome, E-Lust readers. “Hop in,” I said. As she sat down, wearing jeans and a soft sweater, I looked at her: “Where’s your skirt?” “Oh shit,” she said. “It’s been a REALLY bad day.” “You just want me to beat you.” “That would be nice.” As we started the […]

Dec 082011

One of the challenges of being the sort of slut that I am – that is, an honest and exhibitionistic slut – lies in the ease with which a partner can come to feel un-special. There is a fundamental misapprehension at the root of this feeling: I appreciate a woman who has given me the […]