Jul 262015

“When you start to drift into a situation where you might make bad choices, you stop and meditate?  I understand the value of daily, routine prayer or meditation, but I guess I don’t see the connection to things that occur randomly throughout the day. A very benign example is that commuting to and from work, […]

Mar 062015

She’s young. Younger than I usually am drawn to. We met on Tinder, and she promised me much. She delivered a tantalizing tease, and then vanished. She resurfaced, days later, in a hospital bed. She’d fallen, hard. Broken bones. Laid up. We exchanged words, but not so many pictures, for a bit. And then, she […]

Jun 012014

Sometimes, a first date is overdetermined. Its outcome is known, at least in rough outline – to both parties even before it starts. I knew I would fuck Luna as I approached the bar, before I met her. I had seen nearly every inch of her body. Except for her pussy. Which I had seen […]

Feb 092013
Hot and cold – her side of the story (part 1)

You read my version of the beginning of the evening. Here’s V’s: I get there a few minutes early on purpose– my little way of having some control before the night begins. Being in the bar settles me into the imminence of the date, of being with N., and I crave that feeling. I order […]

Jan 142013
Meet Véronique (part 2)

Véronique went first. So before I say a word, let me observe a couple of moments from the evening that I began describing here, and that she began describing here, that she omitted, whether because they weren’t significant to her, because she’s kind, or because there was a fuck-load of shit to account for, she’s […]