Apr 222014
Dear Belle Knox

I just want to tell you, I think you’re doing a kick-ass job. I’m really impressed by you – yes, sure, by your porn. Which is insanely hot – especially that really long sensual blowjob you gave in “Tip of the Tongue” on Nubile Films – I’m much more partial to watching that kind of […]

Mar 302014

She asked me this after I told her I needed to see her ass. And at that moment, I most assuredly was an ass man. There are some aspects of my erotic imagination that are, if not fixed, at least relatively consistent: I like clothing in general, and certain types in particular. I enjoy exercising […]

Oct 212012

So for a few months now, I’ve been more or less half-heartedly running Frisky Friday. I began it in the aftermath of the prolific and hard-working Dangerous Lilly’s decision to shut down “Wanton Wednesday.” Shortly thereafter, Marie Rebelle started her own successor (Wicked Wednesday), and did, and continues to do, a bang-up job. At the time, […]

Apr 142012

I write rough. I write about “fucking faces,” and so on. But I’ve come to notice that there’s a distance between what happens in my sex life and how I write about it, and wherever there are such differences, I like to, well, to write about them. So here goes:

Apr 102012
Paean to Sasha Grey

Until recently, there simply was no feature-length porn I liked. No porn actresses I found myself attracted to. I’m a guy – I like porn. I like images and videos of people having sex. I like seeing people come. But as I’ve written elsewhere, there’s very little of mainstream porn, of feature-length porn, that appeals […]

Mar 202012

Violet Blue said what I meant much more better. Read her. Sasha Grey “Equal Pay Day” PSA | violet blue ® :: open source sex http://www.tinynibbles.com/blogarchives/2012/03/sasha-grey-equal-pay-day-psa.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+VioletBlueOpenSourceSex+%28violet+blue+%C2%AE+%3A%3A+open+source+sex%29

Mar 122012

Well, maybe “love” is a little bit much, but let’s just say, I really like her.  And soon, I plan to write a little paean to her. Part of it is physical – she’s my physical type to begin with.  But there’s more than that.  She has always conveyed a certain natural-ness that appeals to […]

Mar 012012

Ok – I'm getting ready to move to WordPress.  If you're into that kind of thing, you can watch in real time over at my new domain – www.mydissolutelife.com.  I should be up and running there in a few days, but keep coming here until I actually move. Meanwhile, I'd love any thoughts or advice […]