Jun 252015

The vast majority of dates I’ve been on in recent years have been something like “sure things.” Between my blog and my general propensity for repeat encounters, as opposed to first dates, I generally know not just that I’m going to end up with my cock in my date’s mouth, but when, where, how, even […]

Jun 152015

I recently found myself in a relatively unusual situation, in which, in my alter ego’s (N’) existence, I was in the presence of not one but two beautiful, interesting, intelligent women. The three of us struck up a bond, and did not a little socializing. One of them, in particular – call her Adriana – […]

Jun 092015

I don’t think I ever told you about Juana, the raven-haired beauty who disappeared after a scorchingly hot lunch date, melting into the landscape, never to be heard from again. A commenter pointed out that usually I write about the sex I have, not the sex I don’t have. But honestly, there’s so much more […]

Jun 012015

I don’t have many dates. Most of them are good. Great, even. I tend to go on dates only with women I know I’m going to get along with. Once in a while, I deviate from this practice, and go in a date with a woman I hope I’ll get along with. This is never […]

Mar 192015

She’s very, very sexy. Long, flowing, curly, thick, lustrous black hair. Early on, she told me she was proud of her hair and she has every right to be. It’s very sexy. She can count the number of partners she’s had on one hand. She was married for a  long time. She’s just now waking […]

Feb 262015

I wrote this message today. This exemplifies how, I think, I don’t use women: I think I need, sadly, to put an end to this. This is one of those things where I have to trust my gut. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m finding myself not wanting to reply to your […]

Nov 202014

I had a series of interactions the other day with a lovely, gorgeous young lady on Tinder. Very quickly, our chat escalated. She was sending me pictures of her gorgeous body, posed precisely as I requested. In a matter of hours, I was familiarized with every part of her. Not just her breasts, ass, thighs, […]

Jun 292014

I wrote about how deftly Tinder handles rejection in my original paean to the app. If you haven’t used Tinder, there are two possible moments of rejection – before you’ve ever interacted with someone, and after. Before you interact with someone, you can reject her (or him) by simply swiping their photo off the lefthand […]

Jun 042014

I’ve written lots about rejection, but always about what it’s like for me to be rejected. Recently, several people have asked me a bit about rejection in the opposite direction, what it’s like when I reject people, whether virtually – readers of the blog seeking a “distant buddy” type relationship, or in person. I give […]