Nov 242016

When you reject me, am I rejected? What lessons do I draw from my rejection? What is the meaning of my rejection? And is the rejection mine? Or yours?

Nov 112015

A few days ago, I found myself in a circumstance where I thought it likely I might encounter the Porcelain Doll. You may recall, things didn’t end so well between us. I had given how things went down (how she didn’t go down) some considerable thought over the last few months, and, a few hours […]

Aug 102015

Last week, I wrote a (somewhat hurried, incomplete, poorly edited) post about a recent instance of my being “rejected.” It struck a nerve among a few of my (female) readers, who provided some thoughtful, and harsh, comments to me – some, on the blog; others, offline, via back channel. First, foremost, let me say this: […]

Aug 062015

Years ago, I paid her. She sucked my cock. I licked her clit. We had adventures with several other women. She wanted to be hit more, harder, than any woman I’d been with previously. She taught me a lot about submission and, along the way, about dominance. I introduced her to the world of “massage” […]