Aug 302015

Chryssie Hynde (whose music I love) has set off a bit of a kerfuffle by suggesting that, sometimes, women are to blame for being raped. She says, in an interview with the Sunday Times, of an incident in which she was assaulted when she was 21 by a member of a motorcycle gang: “Technically speaking, […]

Nov 112014

I was raised to believe that Playboy oppressed women, objectified women, created unrealistic expectations on the part of men, and was, in general, a force for evil. That may or may not be true. I don’t know. But this is funny. And smart. And good. And I found it here, on Playboy.

Mar 232014
Changing rape culture

The other day, I posted a radical idea for one way of making just a small dent in our rape culture. To refresh, I imagined a sort of community-generated database of rape accusations and supporting and refuting evidence, provided by people who might seek to bolster their credibility by linking to their social media profiles, […]

Mar 192014
Rape prevention

There’s an app (Lulu – more on them in a moment) designed to help women rate potential boyfriends/dates. And people have found a host of ways to turn the tables on those who harass women on the street (like “Hollaback”). What if there were a web site – “,” say – where people could post […]