Mar 092013
“Check her out!”

The bar was crowded. Filled with 20- and 30-something hipsters. I was definitely old for the place. Véronique sat at the far end of the bar, near the door, sipping her drink, alone. I sat ten or so patrons down, sipping mine. Two 30-something guys were talking behind me. I wasn’t paying attention. I was […]

Mar 062013
Public sex

“Can you tell me some of your experiences with girls in public? What aspects you’ve enjoyed about them? Where you draw the line?”   When I was in my early twenties, I read The Orton Diaries, the diaries of the dead British playwright, Joe Orton. If you haven’t read (of) him, he’s worth learning about. […]

Aug 302012

This is part two of the tale I began here (oral at a sex party). She touched herself in the soft glow of the TV in the back of the cab. Could the cabbie see her, her hand sneaking into her panties, her legs spread, the deeply contented look on her face? Probably. Her dress rode […]

Mar 272012

We pretended we didn’t know one another. Nodded curtly, politely, slightly awkwardly, as we entered the yoga studio. It looked like it was going to be just the two of us, alone with the instructor. The instructor was one of those.. you know, yoga instructors. Unbelievably, perfectly fit with an ethereal, sexless way about her. […]

Mar 262012

We don’t even have to pretend we don’t know each other, don’t recognize one another:  we don’t. I’ve given her explicit instructions – what to wear, what to do. I sit down in the theater.  It’s a midday show of an unpopular movie.  I’m the only one there.  Until she walks in. She sits two […]