Dec 302017

A reader recently suggested I consider therapy. This is a ridiculous suggestion. Not because I don’t “need therapy” – I do. But because I am, in fact, one of the world’s largest consumers of therapy. Here’s a graph, showing Americans’ lifetime consumption of therapy – with none on the left, and more on the right. […]

Mar 202013
Program note

I’ve drunk at the altar of Freud. Or, maybe more accurately, Freud is my bartender. I believe in the unconscious. Profoundly. I speak the language of psychoanalysis, in all of its weird, uncomfortable-making ways. I believe in the universality of Oedipus (not in the simplistic, every-boy-wants-to-fuck-his-mother sense, but in the more complex, every-child-learns-everything-s/he-knows-about-love-and-desire-primarily-through-her-or-his-relationships-with-her-or-his-parents sense). I […]