Oct 192014

I don’t write about politics often, because I figure it’s not my politics that brings you here, and it’s not my politics that motivated me to write. But once in a while, there’s something that crosses from the land of politics over into the land of sex bloggery and polyamorous/swinging/slutty private behavior. Or that I […]

Sep 232014

L has been deleting vigorously. All of her text messages, all the evidence of her secrecy, her compartmentalization, her excitement, her lust. I’m the opposite. I never delete. Deleting pains me, it feels almost like a crime against myself, an act of unfathomable self-destruction.

Aug 172014

I just did something interesting. I searched, on Facebook, for “friends who use Tinder.” I learned something interesting about a couple of my partnered Facebook friends that I can’t imagine they were hoping I would learn. (Note: I’m the last one in the world to be surprised when anyone turns out to be, say, monogamish, […]

Jun 032013

There are lots of apps that purport to protect our kids from the dangers of the internet – apps that filter websites, that let parents spy on their kids’ habits, etc. But I want something different. I want an app that creates a “Sandbox” in which I can place my child when handing over my […]