Nov 112015

A few days ago, I found myself in a circumstance where I thought it likely I might encounter the Porcelain Doll. You may recall, things didn’t end so well between us. I had given how things went down (how she didn’t go down) some considerable thought over the last few months, and, a few hours […]

Aug 102015

Last week, I wrote a (somewhat hurried, incomplete, poorly edited) post about a recent instance of my being “rejected.” It struck a nerve among a few of my (female) readers, who provided some thoughtful, and harsh, comments to me – some, on the blog; others, offline, via back channel. First, foremost, let me say this: […]

Aug 062015

Years ago, I paid her. She sucked my cock. I licked her clit. We had adventures with several other women. She wanted to be hit more, harder, than any woman I’d been with previously. She taught me a lot about submission and, along the way, about dominance. I introduced her to the world of “massage” […]

Jan 102012

“Humiliate me,” she pleaded. “Hurt me.” The first time we met, we had sushi. Her hair was bright red, falling in curls below her shoulders. Freckles stood out on the palest of skin. Her eyes were perfectly green, perfectly white. Her cheekbones were improbably high, her lips delicately thin, shining, with blood-red high-gloss lipstick expertly […]