Mar 112015
My, how things change

I saw this chart in “Wired” magazine. Can it really be that, on the continuum  between “cowboy” and “missionary,” in terms of “religiousness,” polyamory is the midway point?

Sep 062014

More writing anon, but I thought you might want to see this. The mainstreaming of polyamory evidently has progressed further than I’d ever imagined! (HT to L for this.)

Apr 292014

Almost exactly two years ago (!), I wrote a post on “ethical non-monogamy.” That post resulted in (or was followed by) a series of comments in which, among other things, I was analogized to a Nazi (or, to be precise, my argument was analogized to that of a Nazi), and all of my photos on […]

Mar 132014

Almost two years ago, I wrote about a date I went on with a woman who wouldn’t fuck me because, at the time, T and I were in an explicit, open, honest period of “don’t ask/don’t tell,” and this didn’t meet this woman’s and her husband’s requirements for “ethical behavior and integrity.” She was prepared […]

Jan 222014

T and I go out, from time to time, on dates with other couples. Mostly, these have been people we’ve met through CraigsList. Occasionally, it’s been people we’ve met through OKCupid. These sorts of connections rarely pan out. Our very first ever such date was hot, and led us to have sex next to another […]

Nov 222013

We sat around a table – six or eight professionals, all upper-middle-class white people, all working in the same professional field, in the same place, having an informal lunch. Two men, six women. All straight, save the other man. The man, offhandedly, un-self-consciously, revealed that he and his husband have an open relationship. He was […]

Dec 182012

There’s a little “open relationship mini-quiz” that’s been making the internet rounds lately. It showed up here, and here. I thought I’d tackle it as well for your reading pleasure. 1. What insight about open relationships do you wish you had when you started? 2. What has been the hardest thing about opening your relationship, […]