Jun 012014

Have you always wanted me to hear you come, but been daunted by the whole requirement that you e-mail it to me, that you’d have to share your e-mail address with me? Your worries are over! Thanks to the inspiration of Ferns, of the always-fun Domme Chronicles, and with her technical assistance, I now offer […]

May 312014

The Amazon sent me this. … [S]eeing as this is the first time I have recorded an orgasm of mine I felt I should let you know it was very much real. I agree with you in that an orgasm never always sounds the same and it could change given the fact that it is […]

May 282014

There’s an ongoing discussion about whether women who’ve sent me their orgasms were “faking it,” or “performing.” Luna got this conversation started by declining to send me any “phony moaning.” (Thank you, Luna, for starting an interesting discussion.) You can read my two posts here and here. The discussion has been in the comments on […]

May 282014

The other day, I wondered if the women who send me their orgasms are faking them. The comments – always thoughtful – as well as a few back channel communications by e-mail – got me thinking further. “Faking it” is, I suspect, unhelpful as a concept here. The question I meant to ask, and that […]

May 272014

I’ve lost track of how many orgasms I’ve posted on this web site. And there are dozens more that women have given me without their being posted here. I consider myself incredibly lucky – both to have discovered this particular way of getting myself off, and to have discovered, over the years, so many women […]

May 212014
Discovering Tinder

I’ve been discovering Tinder. It’s kind of my dream app. I’ll be curious to see where it leads, but, in 24 hours, here are the highlights, as well as some observations about the app itself. First, the app: I have the sense that it was designed by addiction researchers. It’s nearly impossible to put down, […]

Feb 242014

Angela likes to give up control. The other night, while she was entertaining clients, she managed to, at my request, slip her panties off and put them in her purse. I know because she sent me a snapshot of her panties in her purse. Later that evening, she came for me. She wasn’t a perfectly […]

Feb 232014
Angela’s second orgasm

The other day, I wrote that orgasms beget orgasms. I’m so happy to be getting a torrent, a flood, of orgasms that I can share with you. I don’t know how it is, why it is, that I’m wired in such a way as to have an insatiable hunger for the female orgasm, for evidence […]

Feb 222014

Today, I’m pleased to share with you Ginger’s first orgasm for me. The chances of my collecting one of Ginger’s orgasms for myself in person are somewhat lower than the chances that I’ll collect one (or ten) from Angela (whose orgasm I posted last week). Ginger, you see, lives a plane ride away. But a […]