Sep 062016
My type

I definitely have a type. But I also definitely am not limited to my type. I’m attracted to all sorts of women, and there’s no “type” that guarantees my attraction.

Nov 262012
Petite chicks

I love ’em tiny. Some while back, I wrote about my insane, unquenchable, out-of-the-blue hunger for a redhead. Any redhead. I wrote that I don’t usually crave a type – sometimes I crave sex, and sometimes I crave sex with a specific person. But prior to that hankering, I don’t think I ever had found […]

Apr 042012

Here’s something sad:  I’m not attracted to fat chicks.  I wish I were.  I like a lot of fat people.  I have no problem with fat people.  It’s just that I’m aesthetically, sexually sensitive to overweight.  It doesn’t get my dick hard.  It’s actively an impediment to my dick’s getting hard. I’m not one of […]