Nov 222013

We sat around a table – six or eight professionals, all upper-middle-class white people, all working in the same professional field, in the same place, having an informal lunch. Two men, six women. All straight, save the other man. The man, offhandedly, un-self-consciously, revealed that he and his husband have an open relationship. He was […]

Oct 162013

Regular readers know I love Dan Savage – I think he mostly gives spot-on advice, with an entertaining tropism toward the harsh. He is generally credited, appropriately, with coining the word “monogamish” to describe that thing some of us do where we live in committed, long-term marriages, in which sex with others is not thought […]

Oct 152013
Johnnie Walker Black

I haven’t been drinking lately. In the last six weeks, I’ve drunk twice – once, by mistake. Tonight, I made the decision to have a drink or two. I had a short period of time to kill, so I went into a bar, tucked my phone away, and had a Black Label on the rocks. […]