Nov 152014

By now you’ve surely heard about the Hollaback video that went viral of a woman walking around New York for ten hours, being repeatedly catcalled, her harassers caught on hidden video. If you didn’t, you can watch it here: I just watched it, and I was surprised. It was a lot more complicated than I […]

Jul 102013

I recently wrote about the somewhat surprising prominence men have in my retellings of my sexual adventures. They have the ability to make a sexual adventure super-charged, and they have the ability to shrivel my dick, even while it’s being expertly sucked. This isn’t, explicitly, sexual. And I don’t think it’s particularly implicitly sexual, either: […]

Jul 082013

I like women. A lot. Maybe too much. I like seeing them, discovering them, talking to them, getting to know them, looking at them, touching them, feeling them touch me, using them sexually, giving them pleasure, taking pleasure from them. I like objectifying them, appreciating them, worshipping them. Licking them, fingering them, tasting them, fucking […]

Dec 142012

I overheard a coworker the other day lamenting us men. “Egos!” she exclaimed. “You all have such fragile egos.” We do, you know. I’m so often struck by this. For years, I worked in a high-powered, hard-charging field, populated not just predominantly, but virtually exclusively, by alpha males. (I encountered exactly two women in senior […]