Nov 092013

Blondes, brunettes, redheads. Each is tiny – not one over 5’2”. Their mouths exist solely for my pleasure. Their bodies exist solely for my pleasure. They are devoted to me. And I, to them. [Look it up. 33 of them!]

Feb 272012
Cum shot

She sits before me, her gorgeous stockinged legs crossed, the camera pointed at me.  “You may cum now,” she says. I stroke my cock faster.  As I imagine her mouth, her hands on it, she turns the lens, bringing me into focus as I cum. The camera is probably ruined.

Feb 162012
A bit more on the Secretary

She’s tiny – maybe 5’2”.  She has black hair and pale white skin.  Pulled back tight, as it usually is, her hair is straight, except for the curly bit behind the scrunchie.  Her eyes are shocking:  the whites, milky; the green, almost crystalline; the black, pitch. Her breasts are small, no bigger than A-cups.  Her […]

Feb 132012
Money and attention

Lately, I’ve been thinking a bit about how money works, about how it can simultaneously deliver and undermine fantasies. As I’ve written about before, my ultimate fantasy is endless oral sex with endless women.  And I’m a lucky guy – it’s not that infrequent that I have the experience of long blowjobs from two women […]

Feb 072012

Dear L: Your incandescent ass looked funny – I had never seen it not naked – but your strong, silky underwear refused to yield, even when soaking wet, tight over your cunt.  “This is goofy,” you thought. But then, my hand, fierce, landed on your already swollen ass. “Thank you,” you said.  “Thank you.”

Feb 062012
The tall girl

“That was incredibly hot! I cant wait to cum reading that later tonight. ;p” I told her to check back here before she does for a message. Here it is: As I wrote earlier, I need to see what your tongue looks like.  Please don’t cum before sending me a picture of your tongue wrapping […]

Feb 062012
We’ve never met

She’s tall – 5’10” – taller than most women I find sexy.  Taller than most women.  But her pictures are delicious:  she has black, straight hair, framing an olive face, with deep brown eyes.  In her first picture, she is casually posed, looking slightly up, a mischievous smile on her full lips, her upper teeth […]

Feb 062012

Trifecta inspired me earlier this weekend to write this post. It also inspired L to challenge me. This three-sentence story specifically is about L and me: Her hair was wet, her body still soapy, when he entered the shower.When he left, her knees were sore and cum streamed out of her mouth.She felt so dirty, […]

Feb 062012

The other day, I wrote about Jade Moreyand all the nasty, filthy things I imagined doing with her and, in particular, her doing to me.  I offended at least one reader whose politics are different than mine.  Sorry.  If you don’t want to read one more post on my relationship with Jade, simply don’t click […]