Aug 212015

In Buddhist thinking, there are “five mental hindrances.” According to Wikipedia, the Buddhist scripture with which I’m most familiar, these hindrances “hinder progress in meditation and in our daily lives.” When I meditate (currently, forty-five minutes a day, at least), I pay close attention to which of these hindrances is/are most present. The hindrances are […]

Jul 262015

“When you start to drift into a situation where you might make bad choices, you stop and meditate?  I understand the value of daily, routine prayer or meditation, but I guess I don’t see the connection to things that occur randomly throughout the day. A very benign example is that commuting to and from work, […]

Dec 312013

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. When I meditate (and other times, too) I sit. I follow my breath. And if I’m paying attention, I notice when my thoughts turn away from my breath. Sometimes, they turn to some other aspect of my momentary experience: my shoulder hurts, my foot’s asleep. […]