Jul 142015

“What do you think is your best feature?” Tough question. I mean, of course, there are all the non-physical aspects of me – my creativity, my openness, the way my brain works. But I have the sense this is a more corporeal question: what part of my body do I think “best.” Best? My eyes […]

May 072015

I’m not a big fan of writing challenges, but one of Cammie’s recent posts inspired me. She wrote about what makes her sexy. I like the idea, and I thought I’d steal it shamelessly. First, though, I thought I’d tell you what doesn’t make me sexy. Having led with my weakness, here, please find what […]

Mar 262014
Arrogance and confidence

I was recently told that I’m arrogant. Never mind the circumstances, except to say that, for a variety of reasons, regardless of what I actually think, circumstances demanded that I accept the premise, and apologize for my arrogance. My gut response, though, was, “I’m not arrogant. I’m confident. And sometimes, confidence is misread, particularly by […]

Apr 062013
Do you know me?

I write this blog. Some people read it. It’s intimate, self-disclosing, ruminative. I write about what I think and what I do. Inevitably, people who read the blog think they know me. And sometimes, even more oddly, imagine I know them. This can be benign, positive even: I value this – I value this sense […]