Feb 282015

Key moments in this video, produced, thoughtfully, by PornHub: 1) Beeta-tester. Sorry, Brits. But to us ‘mericans, it’s funny to hear this. 2) Wanking warriors. 3) Jacking ON. I will totally buy this.

Dec 182014

Her hair is long, brown, wavy. She’s got big, full lips – and breasts, and a big tattoo on her side. She’s super pretty. I “met” her on Tinder months ago – maybe two Tinder profiles ago. We haven’t been able to meet in person. She’s just about the only person I’ve ever tried to […]

Oct 132014

I’ve been writing about “the talk,” and a reader sent me a link to Hersake.com. It seems like their goal is to be a sort of repository for videos of women talking about, and demonstrating, their masturbatory and sexual techniques. It’s explicitly conceived of as educational, not pornographic, and the sample video they’ve posted, though […]

Sep 232014

Let’s perform for one another. Stand in front of me. I’ll be sitting, stroking my cock through my jeans. You’ll be standing in front of me, in jeans of your own. Your legs will be spread for me, the top button of your jeans undone, so you can slide your hand down under the denim, […]