Aug 242015

As I walked toward a coffee shop, I noticed a beautiful young woman – in her early 30s, I’d guess – in black spandex leggings and a black tank top. She was walking a little quicker than I, but toward the same destination. I admired her ass – full, round, not small at all. Her […]

Aug 222015
A craving

I used to pay for a lot of handjobs – massages with “happy endings.” The truth is, though, that I often didn’t want a massage with a happy ending. The “happy ending” wasn’t even central to my aim. No, what I really wanted was for a beautiful woman to (want to) attend to my cock […]

Oct 082014

I’ve had more massages than most humans. This is probably true both of “massages” and of massages. The other day, while I was having a massage (as opposed to a “massage”), I found myself thinking – as I have on occasion – about the odd way we relate to sex and sexuality, and to genitalia, […]

Jan 112014
On the sensuality of head

You thought I was talking about oral sex? You have a dirty mind. No, I’m talking about my head. About how it feels to have it touched, rubbed, massaged. In my early 20s, when I still had hair (or when I hadn’t yet admitted that I no longer did – baldness came early for me), […]

Dec 122013

Lately, I’ve been sitting myself in bars, as I’ve written, and seeing what happens. Usually (I’ve probably done it five or six times in recent weeks), nothing happens. I have a drink or two, and leave. But occasionally, something happens. A conversation gets struck up. A connection gets made. It hasn’t (yet) led to a […]

May 232013
Paying for it, revisited

If I’m honest, in my moments of greatest pain, loneliness, rejection, perceived abandonment, what I want more than anything isn’t sex. No, it’s sex with someone I’m paying. This was true before I reined in my out-of-control behavior, and it’s true since. I’d rather dial a familiar number and see a woman I’m paying to […]

Sep 072012

[With apologies in advance for the slightly advertising-y nature of this post….] Georgia is a friend of mine and a “consciousness coach and relaxation specialist.” She practices something called “Access Consciousness,” a form of bodywork with which I wasn’t previously familiar. This is from the Access Consciousness web site: … there are 32 points on your […]

Aug 222012

I’ve written a fair amount about my favorite fantasy and my fondest sexual memory (which together provide all sorts of information as to what Jack Morin, Ph.D. (that’s apparently his name), the author of The Erotic Mind, calls my “core erotic theme.” Lately, I’ve been thinking about a little puzzle: if my fantasies and memories […]