May 122014

She’s small – maybe 5 feet. Maybe not even. She wore a tight grey tank. Her breasts – round, full – strained at the tank. Her eyes are deep deep brown. She has a super-cute dimple in her right cheek, close to her lips. She has a big mouth (literally and figuratively – “I talk […]

Feb 022014

Two years ago, I bought her a gorgeous pair of brown leather ankle boots. They’re insanely sexy, and the heels are a full inch higher than those of any other of her shoes. The gift was one of those that was better in concept than in reality. In concept, the shoes look super hot on […]

Dec 272013

Q. How many people are in your marital bed?A. (At least) six. The couple, and all their parents. There’s a surfeit of holiday-themed porn – Santas being sucked off by jolly elves; red, white, and green lingerie on models prancing and preening and posing in snow. There are lots of pronouncements by sex bloggers and […]

Nov 302013

I have a lot of Gmail accounts. I’m not, honestly, sure how many. In general, I have two personae on Gmail – N and N’, the “real me,” the dude whose name is on my birth certificates. But N has a few e-mail accounts for different purposes, and so does N’. And before I ended […]

Nov 042013

Monogamous people don’t often have the experience of being rejected by new interests. This is a particularly comfortable, appealing aspect of monogamy, but I’m not convinced it’s “better.” The other night, a hottie from whom I hoped to collect a kiss, maybe more, disappointed me, offering instead that rejection I so fear. Was it me […]

Mar 072013

Love is to having as desire is to getting. Every toddler, every parent, every ad man, every human knows this. We want to imagine the new thing  –  the shiny red car, the soda, the perfume, the razor, the concert, the whiskey, the necklace – will, finally, make us happy. Aren’t we, just for a […]

Feb 272013

She’s married, a mom. She’s been lurking here for a while, reading, reading, reading. She confesses that I, um, affect her – profoundly. My writing gets her wet. My life makes her envious. She steeled up her courage and contacted me. She didn’t think I’d answer. But I did. She was worried, for a moment, […]

Jan 272013

When my wife and I gaze into one another’s eyes, we have to each pull back six inches or so to bring the other into focus. If you’re over forty, you know what I’m talking about.