Sep 262012

This post finishes the tale begun, by text, here. And then, with drinks and some play here. And then, the group play began here…. “Let’s go downstairs and see what’s going on there,” I said. Jen looked momentarily puzzled. My cock hadn’t been in her mouth that long, and I seemed to be having fun. […]

Aug 282012

So my friend Liza is winding up her blog, and in (one of) her last post(s), she went all statistical, sharing some tidbits from Google Analytics about her blog, and her readers’ surfing habits. I was intrigued – not so much by the raw viewership numbers (if you’re curious, mine consistently were about 1/4 of […]

Jul 112012

Advice on sex clubs. As in, what would the etiquette be, would it be wise to establish ground rules with your partner before going, (like ‘i don’t want to share you but i’m ok with others watching us’ type thing) and how do these things generally work. What should I think of and prepare for? […]

Jun 252012

I’ve never been a fan of the quickie. I don’t know that I ever actually had a quickie before this. And I’ve been replaying the whole thing in my head since that fuck. My usual way may be rough, or fast, or hard. But it’s also varied, and long. My ideal sexual encounter is measured […]