Jul 252015

I first wrote about New York’s oldest sex club over three years ago, and I’ve returned maybe a dozen times, maybe more, since my first visit. In the time since my first visit, the club hasn’t changed at all, but I have, quite a bit. When I first went, my mind was filled with fantasies […]

Jan 232014

1. Shit. I forgot my wallet. No credit cards. No ID. No cash. V has to pay for everything. Not very dom-ly. 2. Her text was right. This bar sucks. Her thigh-highs are way too sexy for this place. I should really pinch a nipple of hers. There. That’s better. 3. That’s funny: when I […]

Oct 172012
Something familiar, part 2

Continuation of this post, featuring Jen and Mara. So back we went – we picked up our clothes and shuffled out of the dark little room in which we’d begun fucking and sucking and licking one another. Mara apologized to me: “I felt sort of bad, fucking him before we’ve even fucked – it’s sort […]