Jan 172013

Sometimes, I’m manically, maniacally obsessed. Others, I lead my life more normally. The truth is, I crave things about which to obsess. Sometimes, those are healthy things – planning for our family, shopping (in a needed way), organizing, tidying, reading. Often, they’re things that are positive or neutral, but have at least the possibility of […]

Dec 182012

There’s a little “open relationship mini-quiz” that’s been making the internet rounds lately. It showed up here, and here. I thought I’d tackle it as well for your reading pleasure. 1. What insight about open relationships do you wish you had when you started? 2. What has been the hardest thing about opening your relationship, […]

Nov 262012
Petite chicks

I love ’em tiny. Some while back, I wrote about my insane, unquenchable, out-of-the-blue hunger for a redhead. Any redhead. I wrote that I don’t usually crave a type – sometimes I crave sex, and sometimes I crave sex with a specific person. But prior to that hankering, I don’t think I ever had found […]

May 132012

I think I’m letting go of the hope that L and I will return to what we had.  This is for a variety of reasons, chief among them, her husband’s lack of interest in our returning to what we had, and our (L’s and my) respect for her husband’s wishes.  If it doesn’t work for […]

Apr 222012

Muscular, toned, slender.  The ridge of her shinbone shines in the sunlight.  The calf muscle swells out, bulges out, below, luscious, sensual, with a  gentle slope leading down to it.  The shin connects to the ankle, which pops out, a tiny little ball peeking out of the flesh of her calf.  Her feet extend luxuriantly […]

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Apr 192012

L and I haven’t been fucking for a while.  Really, only once this year.  Prognosis for future fucking is bleak, at least for the time being. But we’re good friends, see one another often, and talk more.  Our flirtation/sexy relationship flourishes, with spousal approval on both sides, just without the fucking.  Which presents all sorts […]

Apr 022012

Some while ago, I wrote about the perils of being both a good partner, friend, fuck buddy, and a slut. And not just a slut, but an exhibitionistic, blogging slut. At any given time, I maintain several relationships. Each is different, but there are similarities. For example – most women with whom I get involved […]

Mar 272012

We pretended we didn’t know one another. Nodded curtly, politely, slightly awkwardly, as we entered the yoga studio. It looked like it was going to be just the two of us, alone with the instructor. The instructor was one of those.. you know, yoga instructors. Unbelievably, perfectly fit with an ethereal, sexless way about her. […]