Apr 162012

My sister blogger, Liza, recently tweeted about this super-hot scene in which James Deen goes down on Nicole Ray.  It’s pretty perfect, to my mind (and, judging from the Twitter-verse, to the minds of a number of ladies who were grateful to Liza for her having pointed it out to them). But, if I may, […]

Apr 102012
Paean to Sasha Grey

Until recently, there simply was no feature-length porn I liked. No porn actresses I found myself attracted to. I’m a guy – I like porn. I like images and videos of people having sex. I like seeing people come. But as I’ve written elsewhere, there’s very little of mainstream porn, of feature-length porn, that appeals […]

Mar 012012

Ok – I'm getting ready to move to WordPress.  If you're into that kind of thing, you can watch in real time over at my new domain – www.mydissolutelife.com.  I should be up and running there in a few days, but keep coming here until I actually move. Meanwhile, I'd love any thoughts or advice […]